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22 april - 24 april 2022
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OT - Obsidian Thieves

Obsidian Thieves
Obsidian Thieves is a young and upcoming eSports organisation located in Belgium. Founded in 2017, OT started off as two best friends dreaming of making a difference in the eSports community. Ha hahaha what a meme! Yeah, we know. In all seriousness, the idea of founding a competitive environment where people could be both themselves and athletes is what we are aiming for. With our fair share of knowledge within the eSports scene, we concluded that our fundamentals for the organisation would be respect and honesty. OT has been active on multiple LAN parties the past year. While building up reputation, we were also looking for players willing to represent our organisation. With our first lineup locked in and our supportive community growing, we are looking forward towards the future!

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