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24 april - 26 april 2020
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B3T* - Belgium e-Sports Team

Belgium e-Sports Team
If you want to participate in exciting tournaments hosted by the Belgium e-sport organization and win goodies and cash rewards, just sign up here! : BeST is a newly created Counter-Strike:Go team made of international players. BeST represents and promotes the Belgium e-sport Tournament. The gaming association organized professional LAN events in Belgium, hosting a large amount of different games including most popular games such as CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2, Heart Stone etc. The main objective of our team \\\\\\\'BeST\\\\\\\' is moving up the rankings to top 5 teams in Belgium in the year 2016 to come. We believe this is possible through regrouping skill-specific players completing each roles, delivering a good environment to evolve, and support the team with sponsors and an independent manager focused on team development.

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